Reinventing Recruitment

Transforming the Social Strategy for a Transport Giant

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Greasing the wheels

We have a bit of a soft spot for Goldstar Transport Ltd. They were one of the first businesses who came to us when we rebranded as Butter Digital.

With a turnover in excess of £110 million and  1500 staff, this established company wanted to continue expanding and was in need of a radical solution to solve their driver shortage and create a company-wide feel good factor.

Bryony and Niall have generated a massive increase in job applications. In 3 months we filled almost all our vacancies and saved a lot of money compared with using recruitment companies.

Everyone is talking about our social media. Our competitors are trying to copy it!

Derek - Fleet Director - Goldstar

The Challenge

The problem was simple, but it was one that is echoed by the majority of the transport industry in the UK.

Goldstar wanted to fill the shortage in their driver vacancies and create a company-wide feel good factor.


Our Solution

A Multi-channel Social Media Recruitment Strategy.

We built a long-term recruitment funnel. Positioned Goldstar’s website and social media presence as the place to find opportunities and get fast replies from using paid advertising and organic growth.


Custom Social Recruitment Strategy

  • Create high-quality attention-grabbing social media adverts
  • Run targeted and localised paid recruitment advertising campaigns
  • Design a bespoke website jobs page for driver recruitment offering more detail on life as a Goldstar Driver.
  • Offer job hunters the opportunity to sign up to a Goldstar newsletter for ongoing remarketing of new job roles.

Brand Building Social Media Strategy

  • Build up the brand across Goldstar’s social media platforms and portray Goldstar as a 'The’ place to work.
  • Open dialogue and build a conversation around the brand.
  • Create an active and responsive community of followers.
  • Work hand in hand with the recruitment strategy giving an all round workplace and workforce feel good factor.

We had to really think outside the box on this one.

When Goldstar said traditional recruitment methods weren't working, we developed a strategy that placed Goldstars job ads right in front of their audience. This strategy symbiotically built up their social media presence and brand visibility

Niall - Butter Digital

The Results

We generated 1000+ high-quality applications entirely through social media, for a fraction of the price when compared with traditional recruitment solutions.

We filled over 95% of all driver vacancies across the business, almost completely eliminating the need for expensive agency drivers.

In Summary

We disrupted the Class 1 driver recruitment market by putting Goldstar’s job vacancies directly into the hands of potential applicants using relevant targeted ads and remarketing.

Through a combination of communication, competitions, and valuable timely content, we built a friendly and active social media community who can be counted on to compliment hard work and elbow grease and congratulate their coworkers on their achievements.


What Happened Next?

Social Media Growth

Goldstars social media continues to grow, overtake competitors and channel good vibes.

Total Social Recruitment

The success of the driver recruitment solution led to us implementing a recruitment strategy for all other roles.

Thumbs Up All Round

Everyone agrees that they love the new process and it certainly does the job and makes life easier!