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Delivering dreams with a Luxury Ski Holiday Provider

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Going Off- Piste

Sometimes privacy and exclusivity is everything. Especially with our client being an established luxury ski accommodation provider high up in the heart of the Savoy region of France.

While we can't name any names, this luxury ski holiday brand has a portfolio of over 30 beautiful first-class alpine properties.

Catering to the high-end market meant they required a content strategy that captured the hearts of their customers and portrayed the lavish luxury of their brand.

This is exactly what we wanted. We tried a lot of things ourselves but it wasn't working. The style of Bryony's writing really captures what we are trying to achieve with our brand. Our website is seeing more visitors and we have received bookings from customers who read our emails.

Sophie - Customer Experience Manager

The Challenge

They wanted to spread the word about their luxury chalets, beautiful family-friendly resort and showstopping services. They already had an engaged social media following but they wanted to give more of an experience to their customers.

The website content didn't portray the service they provide to their customers, it was unoptimized and outdated with bad quality links. They had no clear marketing strategy and relied on an external sales team.


Our Solution

Website SEO Revamp and short-term Email Marketing Campaign

Complete Brand Audit

Customer Profiling - We defined exactly who the audience were to understand their buying behaviour, needs and interests.

Brand Messaging Workshop - We structured a brand promise and created a message that could be championed across all sections of the business.

Competitor Analysis - An evaluation of local competitor's services, products and marketing strategy established gaps in the market.

Website Content Audit -  Setting up Google Analytics helped us identify all their best content assets from a traffic standpoint. We also checked every internal and external link to find and fix any broken ones.


Website Content Re-write

Keyword Research - Data from the customer profiling was used to discover exactly what their target audience was searching for and the type of questions they were asking.

Page Content Rewrite - All page content was re-written and restructured to be SEO rich, provide clear solutions that cater to the needs of the audience, and broadcast the brand message.

Blog Content Rewrite - We restructured the blog layout to make it easier to navigate and repurposed existing content to fit with the new brand message and audience profiles.


Email Marketing Strategy

Lead Nurture Emails - Leads who signed up having expressed their interest in finding out more about our client's services received a series of emails that nurtured them through the buying process.

Seasonal Newsletter - Due to the seasonal nature of the clients business a newsletter strategy was created to rebuild awareness of the brand before the upcoming season and throughout the main season.

Email Marketing Automation - The whole campaign was built in a marketing automation platform. This allowed for the personalization of emails, which boosted reader engagement, alongside the timesaving benefit of automating the lead nurture emails.

The Brand Messaging Workshop was fun because it meant we could really dig down into their business and find out what makes them tick. Then, it was simply a case of crafting that message and really showcasing what their brand can do through their inbound and outbound marketing channels.
Bryony - Butter Digital

The Results

Top 0
Their organic search rankings skyrocketed from rank 52 all the way up to rank 5 for their chosen local keyword.
Their readers love their newsletters and their Email Open Rate averages at 55% (industry average is 25%)
Their links and CTA's are popular with an Email Click-Through Rate average of 5.8% (industry average is 2.5!)

Website Traffic average went from 100 to 1000 unique visitors a month thanks to the relevant, engaging and shareable content

In Summary

The branding workshop and content re-write helped to polish their online presence and established them as experts in their area. This built a higher level of trust with their audience and solidified their position as a luxury ski holiday provider.

The email marketing strategy and newsletters, blended with targeted and engaging content, led to high open and click-through rates. While the automated email campaign led directly to readers booking their holidays directly through the website heavily reducing the need for an external sales team and other costly sales methods.


What Happened Next?

Email List Growth

The brand's email list is continually growing and a whopping 50% of customers are already signed up to the newsletter prior to booking.

Family Friendly Bookings

The new content focuses on family and the brand's belief that luxury doesn't have to mean you can't bring the kids.