Our battle-tested 12-month strategy

The Summit System

Built to re-energise established businesses - it enables growth, increases revenue, and secures predictable, consistent cash flow.

Picture This.

Re-energised Brand

Your business has excellent positioning in your market and stands out from the crowd, thanks to the well-oiled marketing machine you've implemented.

Business Growth

Even when you're out of the office, your business continues to grow to enable you to expand your team and pursue new opportunities.

Max Performance

Your website is performing at its peak by generating tons of new leads. Your team are energised with higher quality leads and a streamlined process.

Industry Authority

Your potential customers see you as the expert and authority in your marketplace. They trust and value your product, service and process.

Repeat Business

Not only do your customers keep coming back. They become advocates of your brand, telling all their friends, creating predictable and consistent cash flow.

Marketing Freedom!

You have excellent support from an effective marketing team giving you time to focus your energy on the business and your own downtime!

Sounds like a pipedream? Well it's not.

It's what running an established business should be like!

Sometimes running an established business isn’t all it's cracked up to be.

You built your brand from a start-up. Nurtured it. Worked hard. Gained some traction, and obtained a reputation for yourself.

But now things have started to slow down.

The main goal of any established business is to continue to grow, develop their customer base and keep the foothold they’ve carved out within the industry.

For that to happen we know that established businesses require income.

But, your business has begun to lose energy.

The growth you had as a start-up seems to stop as you hit the glass ceiling.

On top of that, new start-ups are springing up and suddenly your business is losing its foothold in the industry.

Lack of leads means lack of sales, and when there isn’t a consistent flow of cash replenishing your coffers each month, it’s a wildly stressful place to be.

Running a business from a place of stress and uncertainty means you make choices that you would never have made otherwise…

Such as casting aside your better judgment and haphazardly trying a load of self-taught digital marketing ideas, wasting time and money on guesswork and burning yourself out.

But hey this is just how it is right? You’ve just got to keep grinding, the leads will come?

But the leads aren't coming and the revenue isn't increasing…

Business is quiet and everyone is de-energised.

Like we said, running an established business isn’t all it's cracked up to be.

Good News - We have a solution

The Summit System

Butter Digital's Summit System is our battle-tested strategy for established businesses that want to:

  • Re-energise their brand and attract newer, better customers;
  • Grow their team and their profits.
  • Generate predictable and consistent cash flow.

The Summit System follows 5 strategised phases in order to reach peak success.


Brand Positioner


Visibility Booster


Lead Generator


Customer Converter


Revenue Launcher

Step-by-step across 12 months, we’ll guide, monitor and implement a winning strategy that will re-energise your business and help you build a brand that stands out from the crowd,

We'll generate high-quality leads, operate an optimised customer conversion system and build a recurring revenue strategy so that your business can enjoy and utilise predictable and consistent cashflow.

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What the Summit System will do for your business.

Phase 1

Brand Positioner

Brand Positioning is the act of designing a company’s offering and image to fill a distinctive place in the mind of its target market.

This phase of the Summit System will:

  • Gauge exactly who your target audience is
  • Define measurable goals to position your brand in the market.
  • Accurately track how visitors find and engage with your business.
  • Understand the perfect marketing channels to reach your customers.
  • Have a compelling brand vision and message that reaches your audience.

No more guessing games and scattergun marketing tactics. It’s time to position your brand right in front of your audience.

Phase 2

Visibility Booster

Content is King - Content marketing informs, entertains, educates, and offers utility.

This phase of the Summit System will:

  • Strengthen your relationship with customers
  • Scale the traffic to your website
  • Create informative content tailored to your audience
  • Attract new customers with Targeted Ads
  • Make Social Media a breeze
  • Turn your customers into brand advocates

It’s time to position you as an industry expert, and enable you to build strong relationships with your audience.

Phase 3

Lead Generator

They’ve made it to your website – that’s half the battle – but what next?

This phase of the Summit System will:

  • Set your site up to start collecting leads immediately
  • Identify your ultimate lead generation strategy
  • Create customer catching sales pages and magnets
  • Personalise your customer journey as they reach your website
  • Analyse traffic and separate the weak leads from the strong ones.

More Leads = More Revenue.

Phase 4

Customer Converter

Turn those leads into sales. Then retain those customers.

This phase of the Summit System will:

  • Nurture leads into customers
  • Build a powerful email marketing campaign
  • Map out the conversion paths for your leads
  • Implement time-saving automation sequences
  • Integrate a CRM to manage your customers

Those with a brain focus on the retain.

Phase 5

Revenue Launcher

Ready to build the consistent cash flow required to take your business to the next level?

This phase of the Summit System will:

  • Map out a recurring revenue strategy
  • Develop a loyalty structure that fits your audience
  • Retain customers and resell additional products
  • Create Brand Advocates
  • Generate an additional and predictable income

The steady revenue will enable your business to pursue further growth, have the capital to develop your next ground-breaking idea and hire the additional member of staff.

This isn't right for:


Sorry start-ups, but the Summit System is for established businesses that have reached at least the £100k/year mark.


Businesses that enjoy being overwhelmed and live in a constant state of chaos and unpredictability because it makes them feel busy.

Anti Delegation

People who have to OK each and every tiny little thing. Business growth requires a level of trust and the ability to delegate tasks.

Scarcity Thinkers

People who believe that spending money on their business is a cost rather than an investment and can't see the bigger picture.


Those who think that you can't teach an old dog new trick and want to continue to do things their way even if it's not working.


People who cannot stay dedicated to their task and see things through. Those who put in as little effort as possible and expect results.

Are you ready?

This is a five-figure investment and 12 month commitment.

The Summit System will take you from struggling, revenue starved business, to a trailblazer filled with energy and growth and hungry for more!

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