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July 15, 2020

Do I Need a New Website?

Niall Daly

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Let’s jump straight in. If you’re reading this article you’re probably wondering if your site is up to scratch or whether you need a new website.

Times are changing fast, but the good news is today’s websites are built to move with the times. That means if you invest in good web design today, you won’t have the same old problems again in a few years.

Here are a few common questions to ask yourself. Depending on your answer, they may be warning signs that your website isn’t doing its job properly.

1. How old is my website?

Your website isn’t working like it used to. Maybe it’s too slow, or some images aren’t loading.

Changes to Google and other search engines mean that things like unoptimised images, glitchy pages and the speed that your website loads can dramatically affect where you rank in search engine results.

These are red flags. Your business deserves better.

2. Does my website still look good?

Old websites look naff. Sorry but it’s true. Your business is not naff, so your website needs to reflect that.

One of Butter Digital’s missions is to make the internet a prettier place, help us – Take a look at your current website and be honest…is it time for an update?

A good looking website will showcase your business and bring your customers to your door. Let us help you achieve your goals.

3. Is my website responsive?

It’s 2020. It’s imperative that your website not only looks fantastic but works across all different devices.

  • 50% of Google searches are on smart phones, not ipads, tablets, desktops or laptops. This is huge.

This means it’s essential to consider how your website content lays out on a much smaller screen.

If your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices then you’ve already lost half of your reach, and this is going to make your website about as useful as a T-Rex making a bed.

T-Rex shouting at unmade bed with "reach is important"

4. Does my competition have a nicer website?

People like nice things. If your competitor’s site looks prettier, is faster, and offers your customer a better user experience, chances are you’ll lose out, even when you know your product is better.

In today’s world of fast-paced online consumption, people want stylish and functional. Otherwise, they’ll look somewhere else. Our responsive WordPress websites can be as simple or as flashy as you like.

The bottom line is – you need a website that will evolve as your business, and as the internet, evolves too.

5. Are my website analytics working?

Do you know who’s looking at your website? If you don’t know your “Bounce rates” from your “Back-end” (no, we’re not being rude!) then it may be time to invest.

Visitors to your website don’t have to be mysterious. Analytics tools like Google Analytics can give you an incredible insight into exactly where your leads have come from and who’s been checking you out.

Analytics are invaluable. They mean you can really get a handle of who your target customers should be. ( If you already know who they are – great work –use those analytics to bring more in!)

Niall says "your website is your shop front. It's the best selling tool you have, use it to your advantage"

6. Can I update my website myself?

If you can’t easily update your website yourself, or you haven’t put anything new online for ages, you need to ask yourself why.

Website’s need maintenance to keep them performing at their best and to keep your business relevant.

Is keeping your site updated too complicated or time consuming? Your website should come with an easy to use back end so you can log on and keep your site as fresh as the day you launched it.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea if you aren’t very “techy”. 70% of our clients actually use maintenance packages and leave any updates and fiddly bits to us.

Ready to invest in your new website?

Great – Our totally transparent website cost calculator will tell you exactly how much your new site will cost.

Still not sure? – That’s fine too.

Honestly, get in touch with us for a chat – we can take a look at your current site and offer some feedback.

Bry says "Our promise. We will never charge you for something you don't need. We will always be honest and upfront"


We still don’t know what the future will look like, but we do know that digital will play a MASSIVE part in it.

With the COVID-19 crisis affecting just about every business on the planet (including ours) we want to help businesses get back in the game.

We want as many businesses as possible to be their best online, with smart websites that reflect the amazing independent businesses in our communities.

So, we are offering 50% OFF all websites ordered in August and September 2020. We’ve put together some fantastic packages to help people bounce back.

We are all in this together.