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March 9, 2021

Why Dynamic Web Design is Essential for Post-Pandemic Success

Niall Daly

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for a modern, dynamic website has never been clearer.

As you schedule in yet another zoom call to speak to your Nan and her cat, it’s hard to believe that back at the start of 2020 not everyone was thinking about digital.

No matter what your business type, you can’t escape the fact that life is more digital than ever.

Even the most basic of industries are harnessing the power of a well-written tweet and becoming more comfortable with operating online.

This isn’t going away.

“The Future of Business Is Digital; get on board or miss the train. There won’t be another one, this is Snowpiercer level change.”

The future of business is online

We might be looking ahead to a time when bricks and mortar businesses can open again, and we can head back to the pub, but there are some things that will never quite go back to normal.

We’ve had a taste of convenience and we want more.

We want to see the options before we commit. We browse the menu’s before we book. We read the reviews and check for special offers before we leave the house.

We’ve become used to interacting with businesses of all sizes online.

That level of convenience and personalisation has made us even more tuned in to what we want – and expect – from the businesses we love.

That means your website is more important than ever before.

Who is your website competing with?

Even if you’re unsure about updating your presence online, others in your industry aren’t.

Plus the market is a lot bigger than it used to be because the internet is global, not local.

First Impressions count. 89% of consumers will shop with a competitor after a poor website experience.

Using a website to enhance your availability is essential to staying ahead in a changing marketplace.

This isn’t going to change anytime soon.

A recent survey by Vcita discovered that 33% of small to medium Businesses started offering online services for the first time ever during the pandemic.

That’s almost 2 million extra businesses doing business online with brand new websites – how many of those are in your industry?

It’s not an exaggeration to say if you don’t find a way to get directly in front of your customers, someone else will and you’ll be going out of business pretty quickly.

A quality, engaging website is absolutely essential to your success. It’s your shop front.

Yes, it requires a bit of an investment, but ultimately it makes it that much easier for customers to discover and reach you.

A New, New Normal. Permanently.

Ok, so another global pandemic is probably unlikely *touch wood*. But the shitstorm that was 2020 has proven nothing is impossible.

If you rely on your physical storefront or face to face sales to do business you’re in serious trouble if the world, or anything personal for that matter, forces you to stay at home.

With a purpose-built, fast, effective, and easy-to-update website, everything can be “business as usual” whatever happens.

Coffee shop during the pandemic

Boom – you’re back in control. Potential and current customers will still be able to reach you, and you can still provide the services they’re looking for.

4 game-changing features a new website can bring to your business

Online Payments

If you sell products OR services and you don’t take payments online, you are seriously missing out!

(Don’t get me started on those businesses that sell products and don’t have an online shop)

Online Payment Methods: Paypal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Go Cardless

Not only is online payment easier for pretty much every customer, but it’s also instant.

You’ve got their attention right now, so why take the payment straight away through your website.

No more customers forgetting about that invoice that they need to forward to accounts to get paid.

Booking Systems

Bookings take time. Think about it.

The process of taking and managing bookings, filling calendars, and setting appointments is an essential part of all businesses.

But let’s face it – the admin part of bookings is a massive drain on resources and time.

Picture how much time can be spent on phone enquiries, responding to emails, taking payment from customers, adding booking details into the diary, writing booking confirmation emails, informing your staff, managing staff diaries, reminding customers of their upcoming booking, the list goes on.

Imagine how much spare time there would be if it was all automated by a booking system on your website.

Live Chat

Live chat is lead conversion gold! It’s the perfect way to capture those leads that just aren’t quite sure.

Customers love live chat and so should you.

It means that your customers can have their questions answered immediately while they are still on your website.

Chat Function example - Did you know? 63% of consumers who used live chat are likely to return to that site

Live chat gives leads a way to reach out at the exact moment that they have a question about your product.

This allows your sales or customer support team to swoop in and answer all of their questions ultimately guiding the potential customer into making a decision, instead of leaving and trying to figure it out themselves.

Members Areas

A member’s area gives you the opportunity to provide even more value to your subscribers with secret content that only they can access.

A great example of this could be a personal trainer who has created lots of videos for their customers.

They want their core videos to be available for everyone to see, but they have created specialist videos for their best customers, so they hide them behind a paywall where only their Gold Tier members can watch them.

Alternatively, members areas are perfect for internal business procedures where staff can manage and gain easy access to internal updates, content, documents and training videos for day-to-day business operations.

Why you should choose a CMS over Static Website

If you’re looking to revitalise your business with a new website, then we recommend that you have it built on WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the planet, and it is also the most flexible.

“Today’s consumers are constantly looking for the latest content from their favourite brands.”

Website built on WordPress are easy to update with new content and are built to be populated with dynamic content that allows your site to tailor its offerings to each individual visitor.

Traditional static HTML websites are difficult to update and require a webmaster with knowledge of complex website code.

That’s why smart brands are moving to dynamic websites that are easy to update and manage and feed their visitors hunger for information.

Let dynamic web design automate your business

If you want a website that’s built to completely fit the needs of your business and operates with features that can automate your business, then WordPress is the best option.

All 4 of the game-changing features that we listed above can be built into a WordPress website alongside an infinite number of other options.

These features are designed to fit perfectly with your business and provide automation to procedures that are a drain on time and resources.

“A modern, dynamic website is now an essential tool for business success.”

Is your website working to streamline your sales and make your business stand out from the crowd?